Eternal love …

I still remember  when I first saw him ,I still remember the first hypnotic gaze of his eyes

I still remember when I first broke in his arms

I still remember when I gave my soul to him

I still remember each and every moment spend so lovely with him

But I didn’t remember one thing is that ..who am I?

This evil is taking away my every moment from me …

As the time passes I am forced to surrender myself to this evil

It is possible that one day I ‘ll  not recognise you

It is possible my eyes which were once just wanted to see you ,may hate you the most

It is possible your arms in which I wanted to take my last breath ,would feel to me like a stranger

But I know whatever happen my heart will beat only for you

The one thing my heart would be searching for will be you

The person my eyes want to see would be you

Sometimes I feel like my heart sinking in deep sorrow

But still I am gathering my all courage to fight with this evil ,

Coz somewhere deep in my heart I know ,you would be there for me …like a bright silver light in wretchedness

(Poem is based on the wretchedness of Alzheimer’s patients .the evil in this poem is Alzheimer)



Why we..

Just another day for all, as we were out, but suddenly our laugh change to shout.

When a lightning ball Strick the ground, and no body was found.

After that sparkling ball, daily we got to see the shower in our hall.

From the day we never went to school, our pens were replaced with injurious tools.

They made music of our shout, when our nails were ripped out.

Mother once said ” we all kids are the part of God”, then why do we got beaten by metal rods.

We were threatened to be Vitiate, shock’s were given to our genitals until we urinate.

We were sent to sleep deprivation, torture was given to our relations.

Now that I’m slept, everyday I ask the “Supreme being” that, why we wept???


( On the context of children being tortured In Syria civil war)


I was the unborn offspring, crumbled before spring.

You were happy to see the bud, but why a word freeze your blood???

I wish you could have seen me grow strong, before doing the wrong.

Wish I could see the sun, but now my heart is num.


Darkness of my cavern heart,  was full of lost hopes. 

I walked this half ocean downhearted, hating people for who they are.

Pointing at others bad, without knowing my own place was worst.

As a ray enters through the fissure, naturing the newly born hope in me.

I’m trying to walk this half left ocean loving self, improving my bad and knowing peoples good.

Her brightness is slowly and slowly covering this darkness with the blanket of hope and love.        



 She was abandoned like a broken leaf by society,

Her soul was always been in anxiety.

she was the released tear from eye, forgotten and lost in sky.

That inauspicious night left her with a long fight,

That night she fought for her pride, and now she is fighting for her right.

She is trying hard to hide herself like a chameleon, but she is abandoned which tree denied to reclaim.

Like a moon can’t stop oceanic tide, she will rise.

She will find a heart, which will gave her rise a new start.

Crazy life #13

On every step she is faking, in the hope that one day she will forget him…but the more she try the more it hurt her.


Happy Diwali

 She looked up to the lit up sky, to the huge building and row of light.

As she passed by, watching to the children with smile and colourful cloth with delicious sweet. 

Their mother were adorning thalli, for the occasion of Diwali.

She ran to the other side of the road, she cleaned the place, put some clothes with hole and covered her soul.

Turn on the only light, gathered some lamp from the trash box and made a God of rocks.

She took the lid and put some jaggery and wish the mother’s frame a very happy Diwali.