Can’t forget…

Can’t forget the moment you first touched me,
Can’t forget when you come so close to me,
The first kiss we had, is still on the top of my list, of the things of you I love,

That first touch of your lips,
the feel that I had when I first feel the different taste of my mouth.
The voice that came from your vocals set deep in my heart.
Can’t forget those hours spend so lovely with you at my best friend’s room .
That tickling of your tongue on my neck and your hands on my breast is still my favourite.
Can’t forget the moment when you run your hand from my waist to my breast while kissing…
The whisper of your words echo in my ear.
Can’t forget the closest moment we had at your home, that clumsy behaviour of mine.

I have disappointed you many time,
But you never ask me to change anytime.

Can’t forget you …


Watching love…


Watching through the glasses of love and kindness…
That girl on the road side is much beautiful, than that princess in palace.
That old man with his big family in a one room house is much better than that man in apartment with his servants.

Watching through the glasses of love and kindness…
That  two days before chapatti is much tasty than double cheese pizza.
That ground bed with only one bed sheet is much better than that double spring bed with silk bed sheet.

Watching through the glasses of love and kindness…
That love of family is much better than party of unknown people.
That heavenly smile is much better than that fake smile and lot of pain in heart.

Watching through the glasses of love and kindness…


Standing there in the dark,
His messed up hairs, untucked shirt,
Torn out shoes, puffed up eyes were telling the whole story.

Thinking about his mistakes…
Reminding all the blunders have done yet.
He is just the cadaver with regrets…..

His eyes was filled with unshed tears.
Still stuck in the realm of thoughts,
Puzzled with his selfhood.
He was slowly and slowly sinking down in deep wretchedness…

But suddenly a voice alter the whole scenario.

The voice of connoisseur…
“Yeah…now you came to know the true you,
Ahhh..remind my words son
” its all the play of time”
Time is like sand kept in hand which can’t stay, no matter how much effort you put in to it.
The more pain you get now, the more fruitful it will be in future.

Those tears which were stuck there in his eyes just smoothly rolled down to his cheeks.
He busted into a loud cry…
Apologising for indulging in vices,
But the voice make him hold himself strong and illuminate his path.
Now just like a toddler he is making his best efforts to walk again…

Keeping his blunders in mind he promised The voice not to repeat them again …

Its never too late to get up and shine.

Strings play…


Strings up and strings down,
Don’t know the reason why world is round;
Fight for religion no common noun,
They say almighty is one for all,
But fighting on almighty…than how?

Strings up and strings down ,
Don’t know the reason why world is round;
They say all are equal but rationality in house,
Warm heart & cold hearts both are surround.

Stings up and strings down,
Don’t know the reason why world is round;
They say love all, but kill the lover self ,
It doesn’t make sense.

Strings up and strings down don’t know the reason why world is round;
They use word “jihad” on name of Islam,
But I have heard its only &solely for peace.

Stings up and strings down don’t know the reason why world is round;
On one hand they worship her,
But on other hand to move out of house she has to think twice.

Strings up and stings down still don’t know the reason why world is round…

Womanhood beyond imagination…

A woman don’t need anyone to strengthen her,she is a symbol of strength in herself.

A woman’s love is unconditional you can’t compare it with anyone. As we all study from our childhood that a woman is a support system of any family, she has the strength to give life. She has a power to change a building to home. There is no need to remind you her importance in our life. She play many roles at a time as a mother,daughter, wife, sister and many more and guess what she play each and every role effortlessly. But in our society she is still a source of getting your work done and nothing more than this. If you say that in cities she walk shoulder to shoulder with man, than its true no doubt indeed. But what about those rural or backward classes who still treat her like a slave, a thing to have fun. She is not provided with the respect which she deserves to be given. I on my personal enquiry came across many such cases where man leave her wife after marriage and he himself go for job in cities and never came back. And there his wife wait for him with his 4 to 5 kids and there he might be starting a new family. 

But one thing I didn’t understand how can someone give such a great sacrifice for a person whom she hardly know for few days. Means she spend her whole life raising his children….means why ??? She would have start a new life but no she wait for him her whole life and not only this she adorn herself everyday on her husband’s name her whole life. I don’t know from where she gather so much of courage???

Still didn’t get any answer. I think this is what a woman is her whole life she do so much but she never ask for a single thing accept a little love.

Let me tell you a story of Gautama Buddha. Have ever think what happen to Buddha’s wife and son that he left behind that night. Vikram bhattachary write about it…

He left her in the middle of the night,the night their son was born. When she heard the news she was devasted.

Yet she did not complain but her life lost all meaning. The only reason for her to live now was her son. She wanted him to grow up to be a man that the world would look up to.

Her friend and relatives came around and asked her to forget about the man who left her and started life again.

They asked her to marry again but she refuse.she was young & beautiful & suitors queued up outside her door, but she refused each one of them.

Then one fine day he came back!

He stood in front of her and she could hardly remember him as a man who had left her.”They call you the Buddha now?”she asked gently.

“I heard they do” he answered in a clam fashion.

“What does it mean?” She further inquired.

“I think it means the enlightened one,a knower” he informed.

She smiled and then a silence “I suppose we have learned something. Your lessons O Buddha,will make the world richer in spirit, but my lesson will unfortunately remain largely unknown.”

She reflected deeply….

“And what lesson is that?The Buddha probed.

Her eyes sparkled with unshed tears.”That a courage woman does not need anyone to complete her…..


God!!! this story always mesmerises me every time I read it. I don’t think another example can define a woman’s strength better than this.

Salute to womanhood… for every woman spirit whether it is yashodhra or any other woman.

Unconstrained soul

She peeped through the small window of vile ethics.

In the hope that one day she ‘ll be there where no one can clip her dreams .

She was living in the world of dead

Where she was like a cadaver behind bars,

Whose soul was free out there in the silver sky .

She wanted to gaze the star full sky, without any fear

She want streets to be free for her as for them .

She compare herself with them coz she know her thoughts are not comparable.

Now as her soul is free, now she want other to feel the same .

As she peeped through the small window of vile ethics …