Her Vanityย 

Her emotions goes parallel as the night proceeds,

Her tempting eyes glows in dark,

Her trembling lips has his name,

Her neck was as soft as tendril,

Her breast grow heavier with every love bite,

She was on her knees, bagging for more.

Could have done anything for that tongue talk, for that heavier breathe, for that juicy taste.

As night proceeds her desire grow stronger.

She is losing her vanity at very kiss,

Now as night is to recede her vanity surrender self to the climax.



Hello!!! Today I don’t have any poem or any stuff to post. I here with a small question. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

And I want you my friends to answer it, so the question is…

Does the virginity of a girl before marriage or any close relationship matters?????

Waiting for your answer ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey Mr.obeezy ! Have a look at this ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hot air

Undiluted affection

Attentive members

Her breasts heavier and expectant

Zips unzipped

Tongues talked

Her nipples vigilant of my touch

Her bright eyes amidst the darkness

My body craves with much indebtedness

Her moans, my weakness.

Bed time stories avoided,

desirous was mouth lock sensation.

Legs engagement

It was a night to remember

Oh! How she lay lightly on top


All hot hand chained encountering

Worthy was she of my Adam


Work, more work

it disturbed our meeting like ever

but not today, not tonight

We were wild and free on love mood,

It was once in a blue moon.

After a long time our eyes met a beautiful sight.
That continues stare was unbreakable.

As i approached, her breast grow heavier-than-air with a deep sigh.

Touch of my lips on her forehead chilled us to the spine.

She close her eyes to feel the touch, it was as soft as before.

Her smile before a kiss is always on the top of my list.

We hold our hands, the serenity we feel was ineffable.

Away from the multitude once again,

Work, more work

We were wild and free on love mood,

It was once in a blue moon.

Life is about 💜

life is not about living for self,

Life is about living for self as well as for others.

Life is not about praying for self,

Life is about finding your name in others prayer.

Life is not about killing your desire for others,

Life is about making others a part of your desire.

Life is not about hurting others for yourself,

Life is about heeling their wounds for self.

Life is a very simple path to walk, but should know the right one to go on.

Life is like a book, one bad page is never the end of the story. 

Everyone has a story!

Everyone has a story,

From a silt particle to a great rock,

From sprout to a plant,

From a plant to a tree,

From a bud to its Petal on ground,

From a branch to its leaf,

From a lake to an ocean,

From an ant to an elephant,

From a soft breeze to a tornado,

From an embryo in womb to an infant on lap,

From a toddler to an old,

From an old to his grave.

But the difference is, some are big some are small,

Some are heard some are unheard,

Some are of experience some are of hard work,

Some are of happiness and some are buried in grave of wretchedness.

Everyone has a story from me to you.

Hypocrite world….

They set the bird free from cage, but clipped her wings.
They will let you run, but on a frictionless floor.
They will listen you, but in vacuum.
They will let you sleep, but on bed of thorns.
They want you to swallow food, but without water.
They will feed you, but pebbles.
They will let you breath, but in no atmosphere.
They will not use sward, but will tear your heart apart.
They will cure your wounds, but with the salt.
They won’t kill you, but neither let you live.



Loneliness is not about living in solitary, Loneliness is a state of feeling tranquility in your veins.

Loneliness is not about being in pain and getting consume in it completely.
Loneliness is about giving time to your pain to heal it to the roots.

Loneliness is not about crying and melancholy swallow you up to your soul.
Loneliness is about feeling your tears and finding apt way of getting out of it.

Loneliness is not about when people leave you, coz you are not of their match,
Loneliness is about when you go against the flow, to bring some change around you.

Loneliness is not worrying about things and wait your worries to crush beneath its heel.
Loneliness is about thinking deep enough to overcome your worries.

Loneliness does not mean you are not good for this world,
Loneliness is about the truth that, this world is not worthy of you. 😋

Those two…

Lovely day, Claytonia, daffodils, scilla, tulips in the garden.
Light orange sky hung upon, green ground.
A frame full of beautiful colours.
Mother and her beautiful daughter was sitting in balcony.
Daughter’s head was on her mother’s knees, a picture perfect view.
Mother was running her hand on that young girl’s head, like she use to do in her childhood.
Young lady stood up and said… Mom stop graithing me like a kid!!!….I am a big girl now ( giving a superwoman poss, raising her head in proud winking toward her mom with a very naughty smile).
Her mother look at her very carefully for a while…
And a very warm smile came on her face.
A smile which wants to see her daughter like this for her whole life. As she never want her to grow up. As she want to see her same for her whole life. The love between them is unbreakable.

Eternal love…

I still remember when I first saw you,
I still remember the first hypnotic gaze of your eyes.
I still remember when I first broke in your arms.
I still remember when I gave my soul to you.
I still remember each and every moment spent so lovely with you.

But the thing which I don’t remember is that…who am I????

This evil is taking away my every moment from me.
As time passes I am forced to surrender myself to this evil.

It is possible that one day I’ll not recognise you.
It is possible that the arms within I wanted to take my last breath,will feel like that of stranger.

But,whatever may happen my heart would beat only for you.
You would be the one my heart would be searching for.
You would be the one my eyes would crave to see.

Sometimes I feel like my heart sinking in deep sorrow.
But still I am gathering my all courage to fight with this evil.

Coz,somewhere deep in my heart I know you would be there for me, like a bright silver light in wretchedness.