Crazy life #14

I can still feel you within my heartbeats…



Crazy life #13

On every step she is faking, in the hope that one day she will forget him…but the more she try the more it hurt her.


seat reserved ;)

Many of us must have traveled in buses and metro. It’s kind of going on a very entertaining ride. Wait only then, when you get down of your cars. When you go on such places you came across with many interesting experiences.

I have one, when I was traveling in metro. A very youthful lady was also traveling with me. Her hair were messed up and makeup was undone. So, many questions was running on my head. Who was responsible for her this condition? Why her hairs were messed up? Why her makeup was undone? Waz she get late coz of her late night party or she had dispute with someone? Whatever… but the thing which matter is that she was sitting right next to me and was doing her undone makeup. And trust me that was really very uncomfortable for me. Won’t it would be for you?

I wanted to laugh out fucking loud and wanted to yell at her. But somehow I controlled my emotions, coz I don’t wanted her to knock me down. One step away from our seat, two elderly were standing, they were quite in order to save their energy to make themselves stand strong, and i out of my some remaining moral values offered one of them a seat but one was still remain stood. But he don’t ask the lady for the seat, because it was “RESERVED” for her and she too coz of her very high moral values didn’t even ask that elderly for seat. And I agree with her why would she give him a seat? Means how she can do her makeup while standing her makeup is most important, one should understand that.
On the same compartment few steps away a boy of say 20 was busy with his mobile screen and well it the best time pass of our generation while traveling. A very pretty lady in black dress, straight hair, pink lips and her high heels !… Indeed she was looking very beautiful. She asked the boy to left that seat for her, but when boy asked her why??? She said “it’s RESERVED for them”. But he ignored her. Isn’t it cool means no matter who the man is he should move from there seat coz of ” RESERVED right”.

Well!!!… Poor man they are not that lucky. But never mind coming back to the seen again. The boy was not was not very well mannered so he keep seated at his palce and don’t leave that seat for beautiful lady. But suddenly he got an eye form his mobile screen to that elderly man standing there, so the boy asked the men to had the seat.

I think that boy was the supporter of men community and had wanted to do something for his community, that’s why he offered the seat to that elderly men instead of that beautiful lady.

But the poor boy as he looked at the lady’s eyes he might have got burned, but escaped luckily. The girl might had cursed him to hell, means that was RESERVED for her and he instead of offering it to her, he offered it to that men. How stupid and sense less. Poor boy well he was not that intelligent.

So I am trying to tell is that “SEAT RESERVED FOR WOMAN” it doesn’t mean that women cannot offer any elder or needed person the seat. More than often, many people do not understand that.

 But the situation get worse when young generation do not offer the seat to the elderly. Many times we have heard people saying that our up coming generation is future of your country. But now I have a doubt on that coz when your generation can’t understand this small thing, then how can one expect them to be the future. I remember a quote my father tell me many time:-

“Respect for ourselves guides out moral; respect for others guides our manner”

But all of this need understanding and sense for it, and it’s really very hard to get on our society. Newton has given us the law of change of momentum, I really wish he would have find any law to change the mentality of people.