The Duck

There was a duck, she was gifted with three beautiful ducklings. That was a kind of so called happy family. Yes you can say that. They play together, they shear things, they for each other. But her kinds were totally different from each other. The big one was a boy, the middle was a girl and younger one was also a boy. That duck raise her kids with a very hard time. She provided them all facilities, three of them was also very well familiar with the hard time their family and their mother had gone through. She protected them from the blaze of heat, stormy winds, evil thing. Day passed those cute little duck grow young and their mother grow older. As they grow older their demands grow and their mother still the same as she still want to protect her kids from the evil eyes of his cruel world. Her older boy’s contact with his mother was good as he share everything with his mother, younger one was also the same but the girl was soul speaking one. She never let her feelings out, she keep things in her heart. She was not bad, nor that she don’t care about any one. She was a lot caring than any one. But she want to be free, she want to grow, she want to get out of that pond she just want to live life. One day she set her desire to go out of the pond to other pond where there were many more ducks and they have their own way to swim. And that young lady also want to learn those ways. She argue with the old mother in order to let her out. That little duck say some harsh words to the old mother, which broke the old lady from inside. It’s not that the young was happy she got broken from inside, as never want to see tears in her mother’s eyes and today only because of her she break into piece about whom she care the most after herself she hurt that person. Her soul was remorseful for hurting her dear mother. Know only for her mother that young duck drop the idea to go at that big pond.
Did she was doing the right thing? I don’t have any idea about it? What do you think? Was that young duck was right or her mother?


Don’t know the title…😵

I was kept in a box, for months, one, two, three…I don’t count neither I want to.
A box made for rat, they were keeping cat.
Don’t see the light, didn’t remember it what look like,
I am in the dark box, where has the sun gone?
Does it loses his light, like me losing hope.
Or is he too locked behind the dark room.
They torture me, salts on wounds every day new way. .
That ray of light trying to peep in my room, please let it in.
So shiny, so glittery, touching my finger. It’s so lovely to play with it, up and down all the way round.
That little warmth that my skin is feeling…
Its just like your lips on my skin…ahhh!!! its been years I didn’t saw you, hugged you, feel you….
Did you look the same? Did your face has that same charm which allure me?
I have lived those few days million times in these 20 years..
It is possible that i give up the ghost other day…
But I’ll reincarnate, to love you and serve my first love .


What is life without challenges on every step. The only thing you need is the courage to cross those hurdles which are coming in your life .
You can only cross this hurdles
when you take them as a new level of your game or like a new challenge of your life. Which is teasing you that you can’t defeat him. Its in your hand that,
will you let him win so easily or will you stand up and give a punch on his face and show them its your life and no one can handle your life.
We all learn a new thing from our every problem. Sometime its big and sometime small, so why are we calling it a problem? In fact its the best teacher which teach you a new thing. You should say thank!!!!… without any fee it is giving you a chance to learn so much, which nobody else can teach you, at any cost .
You have seen the beautiful sun rise its beauty is mesmerizing … sitting on a bench in that summer morning and see that face of nature glow with those
sun rays is like you are watching a bridegroom is graithing her self for the lovely day. Every sun rise brings you strength to fight to solve these problems .
No matter how cloudy the day is sun try hard and those cloud can not hold the sun rays and finally show his light and brighten the world.
Be like those sun rays who decide there think on their on and not letting some piece of cloud control them.


The main thing we should know is that if you want to really crosses these hurdles in true sense, then first of all stop regretting about what you don’t have, second stop blaming other for your loss, have that courage to accept that what ever that is happening to your life is your fault somewhere you are responsible for it, it does not mean that you have to go in depression like ohh.. my god i am so stupid …. and blah blah…no exactly not. It means you have to except it and think about it how can you improve yourself so that it won’t happen again.

Life is a very beautiful gift with lots of ups and down. Its like a blank diary in which you are writing your own story, its in your hand that you want it to be a
interesting one which can be read again and again or you want it to be the only book of spoiled up pages, which would one day be in a corner like a useless piece of writing, on which dust will accumulate minute by minute and soon no one will remember you…. so stop regretting about life, stop comparing it with others, be the one to which other’s want to compare. Start leaving it like hell the no one can. Make every second so blasting that its echo can be hear to your fuckinn so called well wishers … start exploring your way, start enjoying it instead of scratching it …..

                                                                                    _by Rekha


Those words said to you in my frustration, are still running on my head.
Its 2:42am on clock, and I am still awake.
That tickling in my tummy is not letting me sleep.
That sudden perspiration on my whole body after reading your text, not letting me sleep.
Its 2:42am on clock and I’m still awake.
These unshed tears in my eyes are cursing me to hell,for hurting you.
My heart is sinking in deep sorrow,my soul is remorseful for saying those words to you.
Its 3:00am and I’m still awake for apology. 😥


Staring at the drowning sun.

Her hair rippling and shinning like a cascade of brown water.

Colour of her eyes mixes with the orange yellow making them glow
Like fire and lighting them with new hope of new day.

A warm smile from her red lips have a power to allure the drowning sun.

Her soft checks were glowing with the Sun’s love.

Her neck curl like soft tendril and she said goodbye to the sun with a
sigh and promised the sun to meet again with new hope and zeal.