Eternal love …

I still remember  when I first saw him ,I still remember the first hypnotic gaze of his eyes

I still remember when I first broke in his arms

I still remember when I gave my soul to him

I still remember each and every moment spend so lovely with him

But I didn’t remember one thing is that ..who am I?

This evil is taking away my every moment from me …

As the time passes I am forced to surrender myself to this evil

It is possible that one day I ‘ll  not recognise you

It is possible my eyes which were once just wanted to see you ,may hate you the most

It is possible your arms in which I wanted to take my last breath ,would feel to me like a stranger

But I know whatever happen my heart will beat only for you

The one thing my heart would be searching for will be you

The person my eyes want to see would be you

Sometimes I feel like my heart sinking in deep sorrow

But still I am gathering my all courage to fight with this evil ,

Coz somewhere deep in my heart I know ,you would be there for me …like a bright silver light in wretchedness

(Poem is based on the wretchedness of Alzheimer’s patients .the evil in this poem is Alzheimer)