Why we..

Just another day for all, as we were out, but suddenly our laugh change to shout.

When a lightning ball Strick the ground, and no body was found.

After that sparkling ball, daily we got to see the shower in our hall.

From the day we never went to school, our pens were replaced with injurious tools.

They made music of our shout, when our nails were ripped out.

Mother once said ” we all kids are the part of God”, then why do we got beaten by metal rods.

We were threatened to be Vitiate, shock’s were given to our genitals until we urinate.

We were sent to sleep deprivation, torture was given to our relations.

Now that I’m slept, everyday I ask the “Supreme being” that, why we wept???


( On the context of children being tortured In Syria civil war)