She was abandoned like a broken leaf by society,

Her soul was always been in anxiety.

she was the released tear from eye, forgotten and lost in sky.

That inauspicious night left her with a long fight,

That night she fought for her pride, and now she is fighting for her right.

She is trying hard to hide herself like a chameleon, but she is abandoned which tree denied to reclaim.

Like a moon can’t stop oceanic tide, she will rise.

She will find a heart, which will gave her rise a new start.


Inauspicious night

As darkness surrounds, hearts can’t be found.

As she pass through the concrete Forest, staring eyes start following her.

Every tree seems to be a monster to her and every rotten leave on ground a venomous scorpion.

She shrink in fear even on blow of a wind.

She wished this night not be as dark as of 16/12…

On every corner she can hear the scream. Every body on footpath seems to be naked.

She was comparing the night with the coldness of inauspicious night.

On every corner of the darkness, a beast is ready to hunt her pride.

Suddenly, her fear was in front of her, her face turned white, become cold as dead, as he moved ahead.

She tried to run, but Forest darkness didn’t let her escape. And that was a statutory rape.

He was too strong and heavy, she couldn’t get him off top. Her hands were cuffed and she kept screaming stop.

In front of that heartless, her scream lost in darkness.

That beast tore her soul apart, her dignity crumbled and her throat was never been so dry. And he just watched her with cold eye.

That inauspicious night came again with more pain.

Once again cameras light will flash on her. Once again she will get rape 100time by people. Once again people paint their walls with her tear. Once again candle will light, for the night walk of people. Once again the TRP will rise, and once again one more girl will die.