Hello!!! Today I don’t have any poem or any stuff to post. I here with a small question. πŸ™‚ 

And I want you my friends to answer it, so the question is…

Does the virginity of a girl before marriage or any close relationship matters?????

Waiting for your answer πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Question…

      1. No then, I don’t believe it should matter. In fact I would go on to say it might be better to sleep with the man your going to marry to make sure that part of the relationship is also compatible / going to work. I hope this does not offend anyone, just my own thoughts!

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  1. Being a guy and having been in relationships with girls who were virgins, I can definitely say that it DOES matter. It will influence the nature of the relationship, even if in subtle ways. There are also other factors in play, like which side has more sexual or dating experience, the personality of each individual, and the overall chemistry between the couple. Just my 2 cents.

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      1. Thanks dear, you’re sweet. I may have overreacted before, most guys will like the fact that you’re a virgin. There’s a saying which goes something like this, “every guy wants to be a girl’s first, every girl wants to be a guy’s last”.

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      2. And that’s true …most guyzz want their girl to be a virgin, but they don’t see to themselves that what are they …for me if you are your self not a virgin you don’t have any right to demand it …

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      3. But deciding a girls character making her virginity a base is not accepted…and doesn’t mean losing virginity is good my dear Mr obeezy said …one should be very careful about it

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  2. Well virginity connotes purity and value. Go back to history, it was an error for a girl to lose her virginity before marriage; even till date, many ladies still use the phrase HE WAS MY FIRST. So my muse….

    Biblically, sex is sacral and pleasing to God’s eye if consummated on the wedding night. To me, your virginity is your dignity, if your man truly loves you then he should marry you. The error of sex to evince TRUE LOVE is just a pitiful naked mentality accepted as norm in our generation. What if he dumps you after sex? Oh no one thought about it?

    Sex during marriage is safe, and the best… My take.

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