Loneliness is not about living in solitary, Loneliness is a state of feeling tranquility in your veins.

Loneliness is not about being in pain and getting consume in it completely.
Loneliness is about giving time to your pain to heal it to the roots.

Loneliness is not about crying and melancholy swallow you up to your soul.
Loneliness is about feeling your tears and finding apt way of getting out of it.

Loneliness is not about when people leave you, coz you are not of their match,
Loneliness is about when you go against the flow, to bring some change around you.

Loneliness is not worrying about things and wait your worries to crush beneath its heel.
Loneliness is about thinking deep enough to overcome your worries.

Loneliness does not mean you are not good for this world,
Loneliness is about the truth that, this world is not worthy of you. 😋


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