Those two…

Lovely day, Claytonia, daffodils, scilla, tulips in the garden.
Light orange sky hung upon, green ground.
A frame full of beautiful colours.
Mother and her beautiful daughter was sitting in balcony.
Daughter’s head was on her mother’s knees, a picture perfect view.
Mother was running her hand on that young girl’s head, like she use to do in her childhood.
Young lady stood up and said… Mom stop graithing me like a kid!!!….I am a big girl now ( giving a superwoman poss, raising her head in proud winking toward her mom with a very naughty smile).
Her mother look at her very carefully for a while…
And a very warm smile came on her face.
A smile which wants to see her daughter like this for her whole life. As she never want her to grow up. As she want to see her same for her whole life. The love between them is unbreakable.


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