The Duck

There was a duck, she was gifted with three beautiful ducklings. That was a kind of so called happy family. Yes you can say that. They play together, they shear things, they for each other. But her kinds were totally different from each other. The big one was a boy, the middle was a girl and younger one was also a boy. That duck raise her kids with a very hard time. She provided them all facilities, three of them was also very well familiar with the hard time their family and their mother had gone through. She protected them from the blaze of heat, stormy winds, evil thing. Day passed those cute little duck grow young and their mother grow older. As they grow older their demands grow and their mother still the same as she still want to protect her kids from the evil eyes of his cruel world. Her older boy’s contact with his mother was good as he share everything with his mother, younger one was also the same but the girl was soul speaking one. She never let her feelings out, she keep things in her heart. She was not bad, nor that she don’t care about any one. She was a lot caring than any one. But she want to be free, she want to grow, she want to get out of that pond she just want to live life. One day she set her desire to go out of the pond to other pond where there were many more ducks and they have their own way to swim. And that young lady also want to learn those ways. She argue with the old mother in order to let her out. That little duck say some harsh words to the old mother, which broke the old lady from inside. It’s not that the young was happy she got broken from inside, as never want to see tears in her mother’s eyes and today only because of her she break into piece about whom she care the most after herself she hurt that person. Her soul was remorseful for hurting her dear mother. Know only for her mother that young duck drop the idea to go at that big pond.
Did she was doing the right thing? I don’t have any idea about it? What do you think? Was that young duck was right or her mother?


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