Don’t know the title…😵

I was kept in a box, for months, one, two, three…I don’t count neither I want to.
A box made for rat, they were keeping cat.
Don’t see the light, didn’t remember it what look like,
I am in the dark box, where has the sun gone?
Does it loses his light, like me losing hope.
Or is he too locked behind the dark room.
They torture me, salts on wounds every day new way. .
That ray of light trying to peep in my room, please let it in.
So shiny, so glittery, touching my finger. It’s so lovely to play with it, up and down all the way round.
That little warmth that my skin is feeling…
Its just like your lips on my skin…ahhh!!! its been years I didn’t saw you, hugged you, feel you….
Did you look the same? Did your face has that same charm which allure me?
I have lived those few days million times in these 20 years..
It is possible that i give up the ghost other day…
But I’ll reincarnate, to love you and serve my first love .


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