Say No to “No”…

“NO ”  what does it mean ??..It’s a very simple word to understand means no ..
You must be thinking I am going crazy not I am not going crazy not that soon …. :p
Today my question is that how a simple word “NO” can affect anyone’s life … Oki .just remind the moment when your parents said no to you for the thing you desperately want .How does it affect you ? How does you react to that ???
Some of you might have lie to your parents and get that ,or may be some of you just follow their instruction or my be gone into depression ..any thing is possible ..
Oki let me give you an example of my personal life .
Once I ask my parents to go out with friends for a hangout but they didn’t give me the permission to go out coz of any reason .So you must be thinking know that what I did than … I told you the two situations whether I went in to the depression or lie to them …hmmm..well I lie to them, that was the ultimate choice for me that I found .
Hmmm..I’ll not say that I had done the great job .no I lie to them was my mistake later I realise that and also apologise for my mistake ….
So now you must be wondering what it have to do with this our topic ..?? Well you will understand it after reading this whole blog ..
If a person continuously heard the same word for his every question if a kid ask his parents for something and everytime he gets the same response NO ,than he will get use to it ..and will choose another way to fulfill his desire whether it right or wrong …
Or let me give you another example if an employee ask his boss for holidays and every time he say NO to him ,than one time will come when he do something wrong like he can lie to his boss  and every time he ‘ll do the same ….your one yes and a bit of understanding can make that person more loyal to you …same in the case of child your one yes can make your child more loyal and more close to you ..
I am not saying that you have to become the “YES MAN “its that you need to understand the situation and have a rigid personality ..coz your words can affect one’s life very deeply …
There are few words like ..
you are ugly…
You are stupid..
You are worthless…
You can’t do anything…
I hate you
These are the words which affect you negatively ..
There are positive one also .;)
You are beautiful ..
You are a good person…
You are faithful…
You can do that….
I luv you…
So we always need to think once before saying anything .. Coz your words can change anyone’s life….


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