Can’t forget…

Can’t forget the moment you first touched me,
Can’t forget when you come so close to me,
The first kiss we had, is still on the top of my list, of the things of you I love,

That first touch of your lips,
the feel that I had when I first feel the different taste of my mouth.
The voice that came from your vocals set deep in my heart.
Can’t forget those hours spend so lovely with you at my best friend’s room .
That tickling of your tongue on my neck and your hands on my breast is still my favourite.
Can’t forget the moment when you run your hand from my waist to my breast while kissing…
The whisper of your words echo in my ear.
Can’t forget the closest moment we had at your home, that clumsy behaviour of mine.

I have disappointed you many time,
But you never ask me to change anytime.

Can’t forget you …


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