Standing there in the dark,
His messed up hairs, untucked shirt,
Torn out shoes, puffed up eyes were telling the whole story.

Thinking about his mistakes…
Reminding all the blunders have done yet.
He is just the cadaver with regrets…..

His eyes was filled with unshed tears.
Still stuck in the realm of thoughts,
Puzzled with his selfhood.
He was slowly and slowly sinking down in deep wretchedness…

But suddenly a voice alter the whole scenario.

The voice of connoisseur…
“Yeah…now you came to know the true you,
Ahhh..remind my words son
” its all the play of time”
Time is like sand kept in hand which can’t stay, no matter how much effort you put in to it.
The more pain you get now, the more fruitful it will be in future.

Those tears which were stuck there in his eyes just smoothly rolled down to his cheeks.
He busted into a loud cry…
Apologising for indulging in vices,
But the voice make him hold himself strong and illuminate his path.
Now just like a toddler he is making his best efforts to walk again…

Keeping his blunders in mind he promised The voice not to repeat them again …

Its never too late to get up and shine.


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